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xorriso: listing files+offsets in an ISO9660 image w/o RockRidge


I'm trying to map files within ISO9660 images to block offsets within the
image. This is to try and determine which files are impacted by damaged or
missing blocks in the images.

These are all images of home made CD-rs and DVD-Rs from over the last 17 or so
years. I am importing them via ddrescue, so I have a log file of which blocks
have problems. The images generally have Joliet records, but most do not have
RockRidge records. The contents of the images can be successfully listed via
"isoinfo -lJ -i infile.iso", amongst other ways.

xorriso was suggested to me as a tool that might list the block offsets
too. I've tried variations on the following command:

	xorriso -indev disk.iso -rockridge off -error_behavior image_loading best_effort -abort_on NEVER -find . -exec report_lba

But it seems to always complain about missing RR records:

> xorriso 1.3.2 : RockRidge filesystem manipulator, libburnia project.
> xorriso : NOTE : Loading ISO image tree from LBA 0
> libisofs: SORRY : Damaged RR/SUSP information.
> libisofs: FAILURE : Wrong or damaged Rock Ridge entry
> xorriso : FAILURE : Cannot read ISO image tree
> xorriso : HINT : You might get a partial or altered ISO image tree by option -error_behavior 'image_loading' 'best_effort' if -abort_on is set to be tolerant enough.
> xorriso : NOTE : Tolerated problem event of severity 'FAILURE'
> Report layout: xt , Startlba ,   Blocks , Filesize , ISO image path
> xorriso : FAILURE : No ISO image present. No -dev, -indev, or -outdev selected.
> xorriso : NOTE : Tolerated problem event of severity 'FAILURE'
> xorriso : NOTE : -return_with SORRY 32 triggered by problem severity FAILURE

This is with xorriso=1.3.2-1.1 from jessie. This happens even with images which
isoinfo claims have RR records, and which were 100% successfully recovered with
no bad blocks.

Can anyone suggest whether I am using xorriso wrong, or another tool to achieve
the same result?


Jonathan Dowland
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