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Re: pen testing beginner

On 10/29/2016 11:50 AM, emetib wrote:
> have been a linux only person since before 2000 (late 2.2 early 2.4
> kernels), yet haven't done much with it in the last ten years. ...

> i'm looking at getting back into it and into pen
> testing.

I assume you mean penetration testing.  Given that computers and
networks are built from many hardware, firmware, and software work
products, I would expect that there are specialties.  It might help to
pick one, and then find the knowledge and skill dependencies.

> from what i have been reading lately i'm going to have to know quite
> a bit about a couple of different things that i didn't jump to deep
> into before, programming and networking especially. ...

> i have given myself a four year window on this learning cycle and am
curious about going about it. ...

> please just give advice and not right or wrong opinions on what i
> maybe trying to do with my options and if i should actually take some
> classes to augment my self learning.

If you are serious about this, go get yourself a degree in computer
science.  I preferred and recommend the old-fashioned university
approach -- professors, planned sequence of courses, classrooms, labs,
textbooks, homework, projects, and especially the camaraderie of other


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