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Stretch System Stops Boot Process Immediately After Grub Screen

I've got a little Panasonic CF-R3 mini-laptop which has been kept fully up-to-date in testing every day since Etch was released. (I think the original installation is that old.)

I've been using the linux-image-686-pae kernel on the system. The updates today included an update to linux-image-4.7.0-1-686-pae (4.7.8-1) and grub-pc (2.02-beta3-1).

Upon reboot the system stops with a blinking underline cursor in the upper left corner. I suspect that the boot process stops immediately after grub. I cannot connect via ssh or even ping the system. Using Ctrl-Alt-Del has no effect, but touching the start-stop switch elicits a beep and immediate power-down.

The same results are obtained if I use the grub menu to select recovery mode.

A much older desktop system running testing and the same kernel was not adversely affected.

I'm only reporting this for purposes of corroboration in case anyone else has seen something similar coincident with these updates.

I'm in the midst of some business which will prevent me from delving into the failure right now. I'll get into it some time next week, perhaps.

I'm planning to make a couple of different live images on USB keys so that I can boot the failed system to examine it and see if there's anything I might just fix on it.

There were no error messages during the upgrade. I'm a bit more inclined to suspect the kernel upgrade than the grub-pc upgrade. This little unit has a strange hybrid video subsystem which shares system memory with the video subsystem. Everything on the system is early Intel Centrino era stuff, but with the video being ATI. Maybe it's weird enough that it caught a corner case with the kernel change.

But the system has been in the rolling-upgrade mode for years, so something odd may have happened to grub-pc itself. I suppose chroot to the system drive and running update-grub is worth a shot.

If anyone has a suggestion, I'm willing to try to learn. As I said, it will be a little while before I have time to actually dig into it.

In the off chance I actually learn something, I'll post back to the thread.


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