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Re: KDE: Language only English - but Firefox-esr, too!

On Saturday 11 June 2016 21:09:19 Hans wrote:
Answering myself: The only difference between both computer is, one is started 
with kdm (the "EnglisHh"-one, the other (with the German KDE) is started with 

However, there is no proove, just an idea. The "English"-one can not be 
started with sddm, as sddm does not work with nvidia driver (someone already 
filed a bugreport according to this). 

Don't know if I am correct.....


> Hello all,
> after the last update I had to uninstall kde-l10n-de. However, as this is
> not the problem, I wondered, why on my EEEPC everything still is in German,
> but on my other Computer firefox-esr is now in English. Firefox-esr should
> at least be in German, as there is firefox-esr-l10n-de installed.
> Some other applications, which were also in German and have nothing to do
> with KDE (for example tvbrowser), are now in English, too.
> It is not much annoying and with next kde-l10n-de this will be fixed, but I
> will be happy, if someone could tell me, why on earth firefox is also in
> English. I want to understand the reason.
> Thank you for reading this.
> Best
> Hans

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