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Re: Sound with You Tube

On 04/28/2016 04:08 PM, andrew wrote:
Ive read widely but cannot get a clear idea of how to get youtube to
produce sound. Playing music or videos is fine.
Please assist with references or instructions
My version is debian 8.1 Jessica

Open your browser to a youtube video and start playing it, while you have pavucontrol open. You should see the volume bar, on playback tab, twitch. If it doesn't twitch, chances are you have it muted. The volume level should be set to 100% and the proper output device selected. Once in awhile I have to open alsamixer from a terminal to reset volume levels. Why that happens I have no clue, but if alsa ain't right, pulse doesn't stand a chance.

Also, if you have HDMI audio controllers that you don't use, turn them to "off" under the configuration tab in pavucontrol, just so that aren't selected by accident. :) Ric

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