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Re: Is running spamassin on a home server a waste? (was ... Re: TCP/IP over Bluetooth)

I wrote:
> My scripts copy all new non-spam to a ham directory which is fed to
> sa-learn every night and then the contents of both the ham and the
> spam directories are deleted.

cbannister writes:
> IIRC, it seems pointless feeding your mail through a spam filter
> if you're downloading it from your ISP/email provider.

Newsguy does the usual SMTP-time stuff and has effective filters: they
probably catch ten times as much stuff as I see with my filters turned
off.  However their filters are not individualized and I doubt that I
would be satisfied with a system intended for the below-average user
even if they were.  My filters are down right now because my server died
and I'm seeing twenty or thirty spams a day.  When I replace the server
and get Spamassassin retrained I will se an average of less than one.
John Hasler 
Elmwood, WI USA

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