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Re: Is running spamassin on a home server a waste? (was ... Re: TCP/IP over Bluetooth)

Hi list,

I am running spamassassin in kmail. As I got several spam from my provider 
although there is a spamfilter active, I trained my own spamfilter very well.

There are no false positives or negatives since many years. 

However, some spammails still appear (about 2-3 a week), but this is no 
problem and I use them to train my spamfilter better and better.

All Spam will be moved into the wastepaperfolder (or whatever that thing is 

Of course, a spamfilter is best set at the receiving mailserver, but I made the 
experience, that all spamfilters from the mailproviders are low quality. I 
suppose, these are all commercial products, and we all know, what quality 
commercial products have, do we?

Hope this helps a little bit.

Best regards


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