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Re: Package maintainers, I feel like such an outsider


> it seems to me that I need to have some
> of relationships with people at Debian, that have access. (?)

People without Debian rank need a sponsor who is Debian Developer.
I was already in contact with DDs when i began my carreer as Uploader.
But actually i found my sponsor here, on debian-user list.

For the general case there is the mailing list
with its RFS bug posting protocol. See for an introduction

One will expect that you install a Debian Sid ("unstable") system
in VM or on real iron and learn from

> https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=751916
> to get the "pHash" re-included into the repositories?

The first step would be to retrieve the old Debian packaging
equipment and to get it to work with producing .deb packages
on your Debian Sid system.
E.g. from
or from the links like
in the "versioned links" section of

You will also have to counter the first two reasons from the removal
bug report. (I.e. provide a new contemporary upstream version and your
commitment to care for bugs and other external needs.)

> And, second (to a lesser degree for now) start the ball rolling in getting
> my application into the repositories?

You will learn a lot on the way to get the first goal fulfilled.
Hopefully this will enable you to found a new package.
(I myself took over my existing upstream packages last year from its
 former maintainer. He handed mailing list and SVN repository to me.
 So i never had to start a package from scratch.)

Have a nice day :)


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