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Re: TCP/IP over Bluetooth

On Saturday 23 April 2016 13:33:54 Gene Heskett wrote:
> The data these sites collect and sell, gets me 100 new spams every day.
> 20 or 30 of for erectile disfunction cures that don't work.  I'm 81, and
> been diabetic for 25 + years, I couldn't reset my since counter if it
> was offered.  I don't have a place to put a hot tub, and my garage floor
> is bare cement & gonna stay that way. I don't need a DUI attorney, or
> the next great diabetes cure. Give me a break.

I keep being offered pills to increase the size/functionality of a part of my 
anatomy that doesn't exist.  My spam checker infallibly removes the offers.

The odd thing is that my husband, being in full possession of the relevant 
part of his anatomy, doesn't get any.

I get lots of "young ladies" soliciting for my affections too.

The spam writers obviously know something about me that I don't know about 

>  I printed it so I don't have to go thru that folderol again. 

Bin them, Gene.  And save yourself the folderol.  


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