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Re: open-iscsi & multipath-tools


(CC'ing the bug report I created, dropping debian-user in reply-to.)

Am 2016-04-22 16:10, schrieb BASSAGET Cédric:
I'm unable to reproduce for about 1 hour... Now, everyhting works fine
after a reboot, but... the only thing I've done is to remove the vg /
pv i created on multipath device... weird.

Maybe that's the issue? Could you recreate the LVM stuff? That should
also be supported, so maybe this only occurs if LVM is used on top.

But even if it appears to be fixed, could you still copy the output
of the systemctl and journalctl commands I asked for?

systemctl show -p Before,After,WantedBy,Wants,RequiredBy,Requires multipath-tools.service systemctl show -p Before,After,WantedBy,Wants,RequiredBy,Requires open-iscsi.service
journalctl -u open-iscsi.service -u multipath-tools.service


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