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Re: Failed installs

On 18 April 2016 at 18:12, pcr1 <pcr@pcrt.us> wrote:
I have for some time been, and after many attempts remain, unable to install Debian, which I previously have used for many years.  The failures occur during "select and install", about a third of the way through, but not always at the same place.  My terabyte disk is partitioned with /boot of 1gB, / of 500 gB,  16 gB of swap, and the rest as /home, with about 200M not used.  I have 8 gB of ram. Ubuntu-gnome installs easily and functions correctly.

If you can suggest anything I would appreciate it.  This is just bewildering to me.  Thanks,

​Have you tried a live cd with debian on it?



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