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Beginning of the End for Wheezy [sigh!]

Much to my regret (and others, too, I'm sure), yesterday, on 15 April 2016, the beginning of the end began for Wheezy. Google, as announced months ago, finally ceased support for its browser on Wheezy.  I double checked just to be sure, and in the course of that check also discovered "official" Debian support for Wheezy will cease in a little over a week on 26 April 2016 -- just 3 years after its release.  However, it will automatically enter LTS until 2018 at which time all support ceases and EOL "officially" occurs. 

Well, at least I have time to look for an alternative. Maybe, Devuan will be viable by then, but I doubt it.  Or Debian will offer a choice of inits as a standard option during installs on future releases, but I very much doubt it.


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