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Re: What boot manager do use for an OSX/Debian Dual Boot?

On 16 Apr 2016, Eric Andrew Lewis <eric.andrew.lewis@gmail.com> wrote:
>If you are a dual boot OSX/Debian user, what boot manager do you use?
>I've heard that OSX makes some low-level filesystem changes on
>upgrades, so
>wondering what are some good options.
>Eric Andrew Lewis
>+1 610 715 8560


As I recall, I 'blessed' (apples' term)  the partition that I wanted to boot most often and used the hold the alt key when I wanted to use the other OS.  Remember, apple starts partition numbers at 0 (zero). 

There used be a facility rEFIt that did a reasonable job, but I found it only made a slow boot process even slower. 

If you want to multiple boot, put grub on the blessed partition on your next install. 

I needed the space osx was using some years ago, so no longer dual boot, hence my haziness. 
Keith Bainbridge

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