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Re: Can you help me figure out why I can't get Grub to install from a standard CD .iso?

EGO-II.1 composed on 2016-04-14 12:57 (UTC-0400):

I've been trying for about a week now to get Debian with the MATE
desktop installed on my PC. For some reason it runs the CD fine, then
when it gets to the grub install part? it fails. I have tried by burning
the .iso file to both DVD and CD and it keeps failing on either one. Can
anyone shed some light on this matter for me? I have installed Debian
from CD's / DVD's in the past and never experienced this problem. I
there something the devs have removed from a standard .iso file? I mean
if push comes to shove I'll most likely just have to go the Ubuntu
route, but I was trying to deal directly with the "superior server"
distro. Any help anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks!

Oh! Here's some "specs" for y'all!

MACHINE FOR INSTALL: Dell Inspiron 3650 Desktop/i5/32GB RAM/1TB HDD
USED: Debian 8.x .ISO Image w/ The MATE Desktop Environment -DVD
USED: Debian 8.x .ISO Image w/ The MATE Desktop Environment - CD

FIts just strange that it stops immediately after trying to install
grub. What's changed with the .ISO's on the Debian homepage? Is this
because if the whole "Systemd" issue?...or is this something they've
implemented in order to improve some other feature? AAAArrrrrgggghjhhh!!!
(And although this is might seem like a simple
"desktop-in-the-backroom-office" type of thing. This is in all actuality
the beginning stages of "testing" for the company I work for!!)

To help, we may need to see output from one of the following:

gdisk -l
fdisk -l
parted -l

Motherboard's firmware settings may be involved too, GUID vs. MBR/BIOS partitioning. Secure boot setting might need to be disabled or adjusted.
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