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Re: [ A little off topic] Best e-mail client for Android

> Siard:
> > I really hate K9-Mail's logo.
> > Looks like a severely battered blind dog.
> > That's why I go for Kaiten.
> Glad you said that -- I don't like the dog either. I don't get the
> reference, so Kaiten's postbox makes more sense. 
> I bought Kaiten too, but after it stopped getting updates and
> support, I switched back to K-9. You know in a lot of ROMs and I
> think even launchers, you can change an app's icon? That's what I do;
> install both apps; change K-9's app icon to use Kaiten's icon;
> uninstall Kaiten but keep the icon with K-9. 100% cosmetic stupidity,
> but it makes me slightly happier.

I have replaced the Google Now launcher with the Apex launcher (main
reason: to get rid of the Google search bar) and indeed, on the desktop
at least, I can change an app's logo to any other logo.
I have an icon pack installed ('Glasklart' in this case) and took some
universal e-mail logo from there.

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