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Re: change hostname & static IP & ???

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On Mon, Apr 11, 2016 at 08:31:16PM -0500, David Wright wrote:
> On Mon 11 Apr 2016 at 19:02:45 (-0400), ken wrote:
> > This is on Wheezy for a Raspberry Pi.
> > 
> > Using dd, I copied the SD card for one (nicely working and
> > configured) system onto another SD card [...]

> .ssh/known_hosts [...]

Also, your new host will have the same ssh host private key. This
might or might not annoy you.

> Your router may know IP#/MAC combinations for dhcp.
> Also IPv6 link-local addresses are generated from the MAC address
> (in case you've told them to any of your other machines).

Another thing to look out for:

Bits and pieces of your /etc might end up in your initramfs,
namely those needed in early boot (e.g. things needed to
bring up the root file system). The static IP address might
be needed if you have your root on NFS, for example. Or
the /etc/crypttab, if you're running with encrypted root
(I don't think so, but I lost myself some hair over this

So after you have "fixed up" your SD card clone (IPs and all
that things) you might want to run update-initramfs for those
bits to find their way into the initramfs.   

Beware that now you have two different file systems with
the same UUID. This might confuse some all too credulous
programs that rely on (re-) seeing the same medium if the
UUID didn't change.

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