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Re: Use of attachments

On Friday 08 April 2016 00:03:38 Gary Roach wrote:
> I have tried to use an attachment to this site a couple of times and the
> email seems to go into a black hole. Are attachments not allowed on this
> site? I not, how do I pass along things like screen shots. Im using
> icedove email client.
> Gary R.

I always understood that attachments were allowed, as this seems to 
[🔎] 57072AA1.7090509@hygeiabiomedical.com">https://lists.debian.org/msgid-search/[🔎] 57072AA1.7090509@hygeiabiomedical.com

This has been discussed.  There are those who think that attachments should be 
there for the archives and those who prefer Dropbox to save bandwidth.


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