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Re: Disk too full?

On Wed, 6 Apr 2016 at 09:56, arian <debian@semioptimal.net> wrote:

> The Debian Wiki, circa 2009 when I last built a Debian system from scratch, used to advise this kind of setup for performance and backup convenience. I have almost the same partition structure (although my disks, note disks plural) are a lot bigger so I don't have space problems.

and then SSDs happened :)
How would this give you backup convenience?

First apologies for not clipping above -- Google inbox client on an iPhone seems to be trying to manoeuvre me into top-posting, and won't let me edit the quoted text...

I didn't see where the OP mentioned he is using SSDs, apologies if I missed something there. If HDDs, the advice would still be relevant.

As to backup convenience, some backup techniques eg the dump command, work with disk device names and as such things can be better controlled with finer grained partition structure (although perhaps lvm offers a better solution nowadays, I am not sure)


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