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Re: Disk too full?

On Wed, 6 Apr 2016 at 07:11, arian <debian@semioptimal.net> wrote:
Hi Charles,

why is your system spread across this many partitions? Having / + /home ( and where appropriate /boot or /boot/efi ) is far less cumbersome as you only need to maintain 2-3 partitions, for instance a reasonable amount of free space on them. On btrfs, zfs you can even go to 1-2 partitions, as you put /home on a subvolume.

If you don't have requirements for this kind of setup, I side with Sven: repartition.

regards, Arian

The Debian Wiki, circa 2009 when I last built a Debian system from scratch, used to advise this kind of setup for performance and backup convenience. I have almost the same partition structure (although my disks, note disks plural) are a lot bigger so I don't have space problems.

I did originally have a root partition that was too small, thanks to the same bad advice in the wiki, and had to repartition some years ago to fix it.


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