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Re: Grossly OT - WW2 start

On Tue, 29 Mar 2016 20:30:33 -0400
doark@mail.com wrote:

>  So far we have read about a conspiracy story, argued over when WW2
> started, even questioned the US motivation for joining in the fray. But we
> have yet to read about the lessons learned, so I've made up a short list.
>  We've learned that if you use all the gunpowder today then your children
> and your children's children will miss out on the experience (poor
> things).
>  We must use more environmentally friendly methods of killing, such as
> using knives.
>  When we are done with one battle field we must not leave the bodies lying
> around, rather, they must be placed into the nearest composting machine.
>  When we get an air strike we must water, fertilize, and plant an egg, so
> that the bird population does not become depleted.
>  When we destroy a factory we must first (carefully), remove all harmful
> chemicals, then place all the roofing tiles and bricks into nice piles
> for reuse on another building. All machinery can then be placing into the
> appropriately coloured recycle bin(s) after disassembly.
>  When interrogating, you must use triple purified water, without the board
> (skis can be used if desired).
>  Let use not forget to properly sterilize all our warheads, otherwise
> they may be considered as "dirty bombs".
>  Of course, a war would not be complete without an excuse, how about
> "Because we could", or the more popular, and far less explained "They
> deserve it"?
>  The most important though, is that when signing a peace treaty,
> always remember to use rice paper with invisible ink and give it to the
> poor along with other trinkets and trash that you could find no other use
> for.
>  If you are thinking of doing cyber-warfare, remember that micro$oft has
> already beaten you to it and is excelling at "crimes against humanity",
> among other things...   (penguins preserve us)

The penguins sold us out. The wild Hurds of GNU stampeding across the Serengeti will save us! Oh, and Freedo. He's cool.

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