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Re: Changing Boot Order

On Sat, 26 Mar 2016 12:11:22 -0400
Alan McConnell <alan@his.com> wrote:

> On Sat, Mar 26, 2016 at 08:27:10AM -0300, Renaud OLGIATI wrote:
> > 
> > > boot order.  No matter what key I press, the system continues
> > > on with a re-boot of my old  wheezy. 
> > 
> > Question: Are you using an USB keyboard ?
>   	    No, I am using a PS2 keyboard, I believe.  A white
> 	    cable from the keyboard back into the top orifice at
> 	    the back of my standard case.
> 	    I have been told by a kind responder that my keyboard
> 	    is inadequate, and I should borro(buy?) a new one.  Since
> 	    my present keyboard works fine for all purposes up to now,
> 	    I don't see why my difficulty should be attributable to
> 	    the inadequacy of my present keyboard.
> 	    I have taken the trouble to have excerpted some lines
> 	    from the beginning of my MSI User Guide, Chapter 3.
> 	    (the first two chapters give copious details on how
> 	    to install the physical motherboard into the computer
> 	    case).  Here they are:
> (start)--------------------------
> 	BIOS Setup
> CLICK BIOS is a revolutionary EUFI that allows you to setup and
> configure your system for optimum use.  Using your mouse and
> keyboard, users can change BIOS settings, monitor CPU temperature,
> select the boot device priority, and view system information such
> as such as the CPU name, DRAM capacity, the OS version and the
> BIOS version.  Users can import and export data for backup or for
> sharing with friends.
> 	Entering Setup
> The default settings offer the optimal performance for system
> stability in normal conditions. . . . .
> 	Entering BIOS Setup
> Power on the computer and the computer will enter the Power On
> Self Test(POST) process.  When the message below appears on the
> screen, press Delete key to enter BIOS:
>      Press <Del> to run BIOS setup, or <F!!> to run boot menu
>                                  ------------------------(finish)
>  	     And there you have it.  The last line of the excerpt
> 	     is exacly the text that appears on my screen.  But
> 	     pressing the Delete key does not have any effect.
> 	     My complaint in a nutshell.
> Perhaps here I should mention the COMRESET error message that
> appear on my boot screnn.  After severl iterations of
>        COMRESET failed (errno=-16)
> I get "giving up" and the boot proceeds as normal.  I have done some
> googling, and it seems that COMRESET refers to activating a
> USB device.  I have only my Canon printer attached to my computer
> via a USB device.
> I am taking up a lot of message time here.  But my question is a
> very simple one: can one, after booting, and as root, change the
> BIOS so that the machine will boot from a DVD if one is present,
> or from a USB thumb device, if one is plugged in?
> TIA for anticipated help!
> Alan

On my current computer, you can't just press F2 once- you have to mash it to get anything to happen. Try that.

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