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Re: Jessie unable to start lvm2 on boot (raspbian)

arian kirjoitti 17.3.2016 17:50:
raspbian is not mainline debian. Maybe ask on raspbian support channels?

vgchange -a y
service lvm2 start
mount -a

why the service lvm2 start? is lvm service disabled?

please provide output of those commands.

Every time after a reboot the boot sequence aborts and sshd is not up (maybe because the /home is an lvm2-partition...)

sshd should not bother about /home not being available. default setups
won't find users' authorized keys anymore obviously.

Output from those commands is expected: the services start.

They do not start on boot for *some reason I'm trying to figure out here in this post*. The "fix" to make the services startable seems to be the "vgchange -a". The boot process just cancels and no services will be up, including the sshd...

But why is this like it is...


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