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Re: User's bin path not recognised in login script

On 2016-03-22 at 14:20, Russell Gadd wrote:

> On 22/03/16 02:40, David Christensen wrote:

>> Did you remember the 'export' in .profile?
>>      export PATH=$PATH:$HOME/bin
>> It might help to add echo's in the various scripts to check the
>> order in which they run -- e.g. verify that .bash_profile runs
>> before your bash login script, so that PATH includes $HOME/bin.
> Thanks for the export point which I have now used. However it
> doesn't solve the problem.
> I experimented by adding the following line into ~/.bash_profile,
> ~/.profile and ~/.bashrc:
> echo "This is <scriptname>" &>>/tmp/out.txt
> Neither of the profile files triggered the output, nor did .bashrc
> until I manually opened a Mate terminal from the desktop. So it
> appears that the profile files do not get invoked at any time.

How did you test? By launching a new terminal (with bash set as your
default shell), by running the command 'bash' in an existing terminal,
by logging all of the way out (to the main login prompt, if not to a
full reboot) and then logging back in, or by running the command 'bash
--login' in an existing terminal?

In my testing just now, only the latter two of these four will pick up
the new ~/.profile file; the other two seem to run the commands which
were present in the file which their parent bash session used. (Strictly
speaking I didn't test the full logout or reboot, but I fully expect
that that would pick up the changes.)

Also, at least on my system, ~/.bashrc is invoked only by being sourced
from ~/.profile or ~/.bash_profile. Unless your system is configured
fairly differently, if ~/.bashrc is getting run, that means that - per
bash(1) - one of ~/.bash_profile, ~/.bash_login, or ~/.profile must be
invoking it.

   The Wanderer

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