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RE: Throughput riddle


>>> It might be a good idea to upgrade to a dual-band access point, so 
>>> that you can use 5 GHz, which is typically has much cleaner channels.
>> Thanks. See my other response in the thread regarding channel selection.
>> Celejar
> Also remember you can have too much RF power in your transmitter, as well
> as your neighbours overloading your system, you could be overloading your own.
> Try turning down the transmitters power.

That might indeed be a good idea because....
Another misconception that people do not take into account when increasing the power on the WiFi transmitter.... Although the transmitter can use a higher power setting and the clients can see the WiFi base tramsmitter, that does not mean the clients will use a higher setting. Therefore the base station might not hear the client.
A lot of WiFi networks had to be "redesigned" when taking into account that a mobile phone uses a lot less power, usually aroud 60% of a laptop. Before the redesign a lot of times there would be failed communications a.k.a. noise when the WiFi base did not correctly hear the client, the client resending creating more noise, etc., degrading WiFi performance for all nearby devices.

This can happen at home too. There is not really a difference in "Enterprise WiFi" and "SOHO WiFi" when you look at those parts. In just means that in Enterprise WiFi there is interference inside the corporate building, so it is the same company who is having the problems as the one that is causing them. With SOHO WiFi there is interference between you and your neighbours. Whether you care depends on whether you like them or if maybe because of your interference they are getting bigger / better WiFi transmitters as well and THEN bother you? ;-)
It is best to adhere to "researched best practices" I think.

Bonno Bloksma

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