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Re: x86_64 vs i386

On 2016-03-21 at 11:54, Gene Heskett wrote:

> On Monday 21 March 2016 10:50:33 Stefan Monnier wrote:
>>> But now all the browser coders have thrown i386 machines under
>>> the bus, and I'm apparently stuck with the broken i386 stuff
>>> left behind.
>> What do you mean by that?
>> Stefan "who still uses 32bit userland pretty much everywhere"
> You haven't noticed there have been no updates to the 32 bit stuff in
> quite a while?


You confirmed in another mail that you're referring (at least in part)
to the chromium package, and to an apparent decision by Google upstream
to drop 32-bit support in Chrome. (I haven't heard of this elsewhere
AFAIK, but it wouldn't entirely surprise me.)

The version of chromium:i386 in testing is the same as the version of
chromium:amd64 in testing (49.0.2623.87-1), and the chromium binary from
the latter package is timestamped March 9th, so it's less than two weeks

Am I looking in the wrong places, or do we just have significantly
different definitions of "quite a while"?

   The Wanderer

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