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Re: Further to my installation error

On Monday 21 March 2016 05:02:12 David Christensen wrote:
> On 03/20/2016 04:00 PM, Lisi Reisz wrote:
> > It had one - on sda.  It wanted the one on sdb as well.  I wanted the one
> > on sdb left alone.  I got what I wanted when I insisted, and the
> > resultant installation was quite happy just using the one disk.  And the
> > swap partition on sdb kept its UUID intact.  So all is well that ends
> > well.
> When installing Debian or any other O/S, I've learned the hard way that
> it is best to unplug all the drives except the drive(s) that I'm
> installing onto.  Sometimes, this means additional work after
> installation; but, "better safe than sorry".

When I could see I would just 
have disconnected sdb.  It would then have been left alone.

Nothing like dancing on a man (Or a woman. ;-)  ) when (s)he is down!!


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