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Re: x86_64 vs i386

On Monday 21 March 2016 00:20:28 David Christensen wrote:

> On 03/20/2016 04:08 PM, Gene Heskett wrote:
> > On Sunday 20 March 2016 15:35:54 David Christensen wrote:
> >> I'm curious about "2 new drives".  What's the intended purpose of
> >> the machine?  What drive(s) are already installed?  Any spares on
> >> the shelf?
> >
> > Some, but with 60k plus spinning hours on them.
> >
> >> And, what about the USB 3.0 flash-as-system-drive trick?
> >
> > In reverse order, this old Asus mobo doesn't boot from usb.  Old
> > also means its sata is 3Gb at best, and the USB is 2.1 max. 100 meg
> > Cat5 to the printer is faster.
> >
> > I haven't found a new mobo that doesn't send everything in this
> > machine to the recycle bin.  So I'd be out another $400 in installed
> > cards as this board is all pci. 4 slots, 7 sata, 7 usb's, and my usb
> > tree looks like a weeping willow, most of which would be obsolete
> > too. 1 4 port external hub, 1 7 port external hub, a 10 meter hub to
> > some stuff in the basement with a 7 port on the end of it.  And a
> > pci video card, a pci firewire, and an hdPC3000 digital tv card. 
> > That stuff is all toast when the bus turns into pci-e.
> >
> > Drive #2 will be a new drive for amanda to use, after I run a
> > mktapes script on it to make about 60 ea 20+Gig virtual tapes. 
> > Drive 1 will be the new install, which will get most of my home dir
> > copied to it, then the former drive 1 will be remounted as /dev/sdc
> > so once the copies have been made, and reformatted so half the drive
> > is /home and half is /opt. Let drive 1 BE the system drive, but I
> > want my stuff better isolated.  I did have 4 drives in here at one
> > time, but the drives got bigger faster than my own storage needs,
> > which are now occasionally feeling the pinch.
> >
> > Running the trinity gui, and quite a boat load of other stuff
> > including my web page out of /opt, that would be one less recovery
> > worry when a drive upchucks.
> So, "everything plus the kitchen sink".  (Did someone mention
> LinuxCNC?) ;-)
> A few years back, I built a new high-end desktop/ low-end server and
> tried consolidating everything into virtual machines running on that
> one box.  One powerful, quiet machine was nice when everything worked
> and I wasn't messing with it.  But when something broke or I did mess
> with it, I frequently ran into circular dependencies and had to fix
> and/or mess with everything.  While doing so, I was dead in the water.
>  It was a memorable lesson in "too many eggs in one basket."

There is that too.  But I am physical space limited as this is a former 
childs bedroom in a 3BR crackerbox.  So amanda as server running on this 
machine, backs up everything on this machine, and amanda clients on the 
other 3 function as slaves to backup the important stuff on the other 
three in the wee hours of the night. I wrote some wrapper scripts that 
help with the housekeeping, so theoretically I can do a bare metal to a 
new drive recovery once a bare install is done, and restore to the exact 
state it was in when amanda ran, so the only thing potentially missing 
would be the emails that arrived after amanda ran. 

> Now I'm running three boxes locally -- one desktop, one file server,
> and one maintenance/ backup/ archive/ image server.  For you, I'd
> recommend trying that arrangement plus one more box for your machine
> shop.  I don't know what region you're in (I'm near Silicon Valley),
> but I see used computers at good prices on Craig's List fairly often.
And I'm running 4 normally, this one as the swiss army knife, and 3 more. 
1 for each of the cnc machines. But unless I actually have them doing 
something that needs watching with a hand and finger near the e-stop 
button, I do all the coding and update maintenance on those from here as 
this is the only chair my back is comfortable enough that the pain 
doesn't distract from what I am attempting to do.  Everything I do is 
generally done in my home directory or subdir thereof, with an sshfs 
connection to the other 3 from here, and an ssh -Y session to a terminal 
on each.  For me, that works well.

Since I don't run actual machinery from this one, and I have been assured 
that the LinuxCNC simulator runs just fine on a 64 bit jessie install, 
that is what I'll do when I have all the ducks lined up.  That will take 
a few days as I'm also slowly putting the basement back together after 
$13G's worth of jackhammer work to control water ingress and re-inforce 
a wall was done last week.  About a 100 lb bag of cement dust to wash 
off everything washable, sort the rest to the landfill, and wrestle all 
the shelving back into place in addition to putting 4" of styro between 
the 4" i-beams & new paneling over them, I think at the rate I can 
accomplish all that, I have the rest of my lifes work laid out in front 
of me. :)  Today, once I get started, I take the drain assemble off the 
laundry tub and take the whole thing to Lowes to see if I can come up 
with something that doesn't come unplugged and leaks every time the tub 
gets moved 1/4", I have a dehumidifier thats doing nothing but 
recycleing what winds up on the floor from its running, which is 
supposed to be going down that drain.  I've had 2 or 3 different p-trap 
setups on it over the last 26 years and none of them have Just 
Worked(TM) for more than 6 months at a time.  Perhaps there is a 
corrugated pipe available that will allow more flexability without 
opening a joint when it moves. Little stuff like that, doesn't leave me 
any time to prowl the bars at all, darnit! Which is a good thing as I'm 
also diabetic and alky is instant sugar. :(

Such is life at 81 yo. :)
> David

Cheers, Gene Heskett
"There are four boxes to be used in defense of liberty:
 soap, ballot, jury, and ammo. Please use in that order."
-Ed Howdershelt (Author)
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