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Re: Throughput riddle

On 03/18/2016 07:47 PM, Richard Hector wrote:
FWIW, most cabling professionals (of which definitely I'm not one)
don't make their own cables unless they absolutely have to. Factory
ones are so much more reliable.

Riser cable, being intended for fixed installation, is solid core. The
appropriate cable for patch leads and other flexible applications is
stranded. To go with the 2 cable types, there are also different
connectors for each. Since most flexible cables are stranded, so are
most available connectors. If you're using solid cable with stranded
connectors, you're quite likely to get an unreliable connection. As
well as that, the solid cables are likely to fail sooner if they get
flexed more than they're designed for.

More specifically, stranded connectors have spikes intended to go
through between the strands, while solid ones have springy things a
bit like the connectors in a mains socket (for flat blades), but much
smaller, that go either side and grip the solid wire.


Thanks for the info!  :-)


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