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Re: Further to my installation error

On Fri 18 Mar 2016 at 22:21:58 (+0000), Lisi Reisz wrote:
> On Friday 18 March 2016 20:49:55 David Wright wrote:
> > It's far more likely that you forgot to format the partition, if
> > that's indeed what you wanted to do.
> No.  I checked and double checked that the partitions on the disk which I 
> wanted to use for installation were all marked with the F for format, and 
> that nothing on the disk it had been told to leave alone had an F.  It kept 
> wanting to format the spare disk's swap, which I did not want.  So whilst I 
> certainly do not think that it did format properly, it was clearly, 
> explicitly and repeatedly (all three times) asked to do so.
> Since it was clearly important that the partitions should be reformatted, it 
> would have been remarkably stupid of me to have omitted to do so.  On what 
> basis are you accusing me of having forgotten?  That this particular problem 
> has not hit you?  No, it has not hit me before.

Um, the quotation "It's far...to do." above was written in response
to two paragraphs by Adam Wilson "Is it possible...if you will.", and
had nothing to do with you or your problem/situation at all. The "you"
in "you forgot" is Adam. So I won't comment further on what you've just
written above.

So why did I write "I can't see why Lisi came to that conclusion from
what she reported here." Because I read the OP which AFAICT talked
about corrupt files, checksums, and old firmware. Your next post said
the crisis was over. Your next post (new thread) mentioned a download
problem. The next post said you had the same problem as before.

At this point, you also mentioned repartitioning, reformatting and
wiping a disk thoroughly.

In the last post (which I commented on when the second paragraph was
quoted in Adam Wilson's post) you said that trying to use CD1 to do a
net install made you realise that "if you want to format an existing
partition properly, so the stuff on it actually goes, use Gparted not
the partitioner in the Jessie installer."

Maybe I'm thick, but I can't see why the Debian installer's performance
at re-partition/format/wipe would cause the reported download
problems, checksum failures, corrupt files and old firmware. Sorry.
I'm no great fan of the d-i partitioner, but I haven't had it fail to
do what it promised. (Not that I understand precisely the term "wipe".)

I'm also sorry if placing my comment to you where I did caused you or
other people to think my later paragraphs were also directed at you.
I assumed that my use of the standard ">" and "> >" conventions would
make the referents clear, and they obviously didn't. I just tried to
avoid making two posts where one would suffice. Failed again. This
post makes two.


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