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Re: Password protecting grub

On Wed, 16 Mar 2016 21:51:02 +0530 Himanshu Shekhar
<irm2015006@iiita.ac.in> wrote:

> I made all possible tries that came to my head with all your
> suggestions. Still, password : command not found.
> However, I think all of use should use grub-password, especially when
> we use mobile systems (as laptops), *UNLESS YOU USE A BIOS PASSWORD*.
> You can check Google for what to do when you forget root password
> (perhaps, you all know about that). That's just simple to give root
> access to anyone with physical possession of the system.
> I personally don't like BIOS passwords, because you have no simple
> way if you forget them. In fact, if you forget the root password, or
> even password, there remains an option for Live system, or complete
> Format in case the disk is encrypted. But, no way out if you forget
> the BIOS password.

Your rationale for using a GRUB password doesn't make much sense. You
want password-protection earlier on than login to protect your system,
yet you don't want a BIOS password because it is harder to work around
than a GRUB password.

If you want security, use a BIOS password.

If you want convenience, don't use any pre-login passwords.

I don't really see where a GRUB password fits in to the paradigm.

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