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Re: Further to my installation error

On Wednesday 16 March 2016 20:49:28 Brian wrote:
> But the vast majortiy of users are not using the ancient machines you
> and I have. The OP is at liberty to indicate whether her machine falls
> into this class. A round shiny disc could be her only solution to
> booting a Debian image.

In this case no.   But I have had several failures recently with USB sticks, 
including but not limited to one where the machine couldn't boot from most 
USB media.

And as Felix says, CDs are cheaper, easier to label, easier to store, easier 
to give away and generally more flexible IMHO.  But I also prefer 
non-electronic stoves.  Not that I can get one. :-(.

This one wasn't an ancient machine.  But I handle more ancient machines than 
modern ones.  I call  3 1/2 years old new, to establish what we mean by new 
and old.


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