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Re: blu ray burning with samsung se506cb in debian jessie


jdd wrote:
> you may also try the original cdrecord by joerg
> which is *much* faster on BD write

The speed advantage on BD-R is because cdrecord does not format
the medium by default (as do my xorriso and cdrskin, too).

With growisofs you can achieve this behavior by option


> I don't know how to install it on debian

I recently had reason to make a cdrecord for an Ubuntu user to
demonstrate a bug fix.
(German language:

The resulting binary is still online:


Get it and do

  gunzip 8001663-cdrecord-fubude-3.gz
  mv 8001663-cdrecord-fubude-3 cdrecord-fubude-3
  chmod u+x cdrecord-fubude-3
  mv cdrecord-fubude-3 ...where it can be found by the shell...
I produced cdrecord by:

  wget http://sourceforge.net/projects/cdrtools/files/alpha/cdrtools-3.02a05.tar.gz/download
  tar xzf cdrtools-3.02a05.tar.gz
  cd cdrtools-3.02
  view README.compile

Test whether you got a binary (maybe in a differnet directory than

  ./cdrecord/OBJ/x86_64-linux-cc/cdrecord -version

Again, put the file ./cdrecord/OBJ/x86_64-linux-cc/cdrecord to
a place where the shell can find it.

Have a nice day :)


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