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Re: blu ray burning with samsung se506cb in debian jessie


Jan Gregor wrote:
> does anybody uses this burner in debian jessie ?

I don't have this burner, but i am interested in such problems in general.

> So far I was succesful with burning to bd-re medium

This means its blue laser lens is not blind.

> failed with bd-r medium with i/o error after start of burning

Did it show three hex numbers in "SK=.../ASC=.../ACQ=..." ?
If so, please share these numbers. They are the SCSI error code
received from the burner.

> the drive should have buffer underrun protection.

Buffer underrun is not an issue with BD-R. Only with CD-R[W] and DVD-R[W].

> Can you recommend arguments to growisofs or some configuration to the
> drive to minimize number of wasted bd-r media ?

You may reduce speed by option.

But depending on the SCSI error code your problem might have other

Have a nice day :)


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