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Re: Need help salvaging what I can from major disaster

On Sat, March 12, 2016 9:59 pm, Kynn Jones wrote:
> OK, post-mortem:
> 1. after reviewing everything, the best hypothesis I have is that
> the root of the problem was a bug in my backup script: it should have...

I use gnome-disk-utility to mount the external usb3 drive and then I open
a terminal running Midnight Commander to check that I am using the correct
rsync command, which command I run manually.  Not quite as automated, but
I think it is safer.

I do use a script for jigdo download of weekly ISO images, but those mount
points are on the hard drive and do not change.

You may find fslint useful for detecting duplicates between your old
backup and files in the recovery directory.


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