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Re: Does anyone know how to configure a Brother MFC-J5720DW with cups?

On Tue 08 Mar 2016 at 16:55:52 +0200, Jarle Aase wrote:

> Den 08. mars 2016 14:02, skrev Brian:
> >
> >>I am very skeptical to installing 3rd party deb packages from hardware
> >>vendors. I don't think they have quite the same focus on security that I
> >>have. Basically, if a network printer require proprietary drivers to work -
> >>then it is broken by design. I have used lpd + postscript for around 20
> >
> >You are not bothered about the security of the closed source firmware on
> >the printer but are concerned about a closed source driver on the PC/
> My printer does not sign code or certificates. My PC does :)
> It would be unfortunate if my printer participated in a bot-net. Or acted as
> a gateway for attacks against my PC's. It would be a disaster if my gpg key
> or other certs were used to sign male-ware, or if back-doors was injected in
> my code base.

Fair enough; we'll go for completely free software. 
> >Theoretically, a Generic PCL or PostScript PPD could be used with this
> >printer. You'd lose its specific printer options of course.
> That's what I am trying to do.

 lpadmin -p myprinter -v socket://<printer_IP:9100> -E -o printer-is-shared -m drv:///sample.drv/generpcl.ppd


 lpadmin -p myprinter -v socket://<printer_IP:9100> -E -o printer-is-shared -m drv:///sample.drv/generic.ppd

Or delete the two *cupsFilter: lines in the Brother PPD and

 lpadmin -p myprinter -v socket://<printer_IP:9100> -E -o printer-is-shared -P <location_of_modified_PPD>

You'll be looking at error_logs if there are problems.

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