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Re: Does anyone know how to configure a Brother MFC-J5720DW with cups?

On 08/03/2016 14:56, Jarle Aase wrote:

The printer display says that it is receiving data. Then nothing
happens. So the comm-link is OK.

I had a Brother MFC around 6 years ago and remember having difficulty setting it up. In the end, if I remember correctly, the issue was that the printer would only print from a queue with a specific name. It may have been " _binary ", or something.

I found that out on some web site or other, and might have been Brother's own support site for its Linux driver. I am sorry I have no more-specific details.

I could understand that Brother might keep using the same codebase for its Linux support of each new printer, perhaps just tweaking some or other details and, if the case, then the issue about Brother printers requiring some specific queue name might still exist.

Have you seen anything about this?

regards, Ron

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