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Re: ssh disconnects immediately after successful login

On 12/16/2015 05:29 AM, Kent West wrote:
If I try to connect to my Debian box at work, using either my Mac's OS X
or my Mac's Debian VM, I can connect successfully, but then immediately
the connection is closed:

Kents-MacBook-Pro:~ westk$ ssh -Y westk@westek.acu.edu
westk@westek.acu.edu's password:
Connection to westek.acu.edu closed by remote host.
Connection to westek.acu.edu closed.
Kents-MacBook-Pro:~ westk$

I can ssh to a different Debian box on my work network, and then do an
ssh hop from there to my work box.

Also, if I start up the Virtual Private Network (VPN) client first, so
that I'm essentially on my work network rather than on my home network,
I get connected successfully.

So apparently something about my Debian box at work doesn't like
incoming ssh sessions from non-work networks. However, I can find
nothing to configure that.

Which version of Debian?

The following ideas are for Jessie.

'man ssh' tells me:

     -v      Verbose mode.  Causes ssh to print debugging messages
             about its progress.  This is helpful in debugging connec-
             tion, authentication, and configuration problems.  Multi-
             ple -v options increase the verbosity.  The maximum is 3.

Add the -v option, one or more times, and see what happens.

On the destination computer, take a look at the files in /var/log (notably auth.log and syslog).


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