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"lvmetad is not active yet"


During boot I am getting the following message:

lvmetad is not active yet, using direct activation during sysinit
"disk/by-uuid-<snip>": Invalid path for Logical Volume.

But I have no logical volumes on my system (Stretch on sdb). The system eventually boots and all is good, except for this message. At one time, I had installed lvm2 (it has since been removed) in Stretch on sdb because I had previously installed a version of Stretch on another drive (sda) that did use logical volumes. The Stretch on sda was using the swap area on sdb at the time and grub2 was and is still installed on sda so I can boot into either system. I have since reinstalled Stretch on sda using partitions rather than logical volumes. However I get the above message every time I boot into Stretch on sdb.

It seems that sysinit is trying to mount a logical volume that is not there. The uuid in the message is the path for my root filesystem partition on sdb with mount point "/" and is not a logical volume.

Hope this is clear. Would appreciate any suggestions you may have.


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