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Re: no response from listmaster

On Sunday 13 December 2015 17:18:32 Steve Kleene wrote:
> My address (skdeb@syrano.acb.uc.edu) has been unsubscribed from the
> debian-user mailing list.  I understand why.  I took the address down for a
> few days for reasons that are now irrelevant (but can be related if anyone
> cares).  Because mails from lists.debian.org were bouncing, they
> unsubscribed me.  A note from listmaster@lists.debian.org on Dec 8 notified
> me of this and said, "You are welcome to contact us".  I wrote to that
> address twice (Dec 8 and 9).  The mails were not returned to me; I have
> received no response; and I'm still unsubscribed.
> Do any of you know of another administrator or ombudsman who might actually
> respond?  Thanks.

Why not just resubscribe - much simpler.


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