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Re: iphone Users List

Hi Patrick,

I am very interested in your offer. I have some questions which I would
like to ask first, though:

1. How much does each list cost?
2. Is there a bulk discount for multiple lists?
3. Which list(s) is debian-user@lists.debian.org on, and what is the
listed Contact Name and Mailing Address?
4. How can I verify that the emails are opt-in?

Once again, I am extremely eager to find out the answers to these
questions, so please respond promptly.

Yours thankfully,

Riley Baird

On Wed, 2 Dec 2015 15:04:55 -0500
Patrick Grimes <pgrimes@aimdigitalpros.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> Would you be interested in acquiring an Email list of “iPhone Users Lists“ with opt-in verified email addresses from the USA?
> We also have data onto Mobile Phone Users (Android, iOS), IMAC Users, iPad Users, Tablet Users, Samsung Users, Microsoft Users, PC Gamers, XBOX Gamers, Online Shoppers, Blackberry Users, and many more...
> Each record of the lists contains Contact Name (First, Middle and Last Name), Mailing Address, List type and Opt-in email address.
> All the contacts are opt-in verified, 100% permission based and can be used for unlimited multi-channel marketing.
> Please let me know your thoughts towards procuring the iPhone Users Email Lists.
> Best Regards,
> Patrick Grimes
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