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Problem installing Jessie {8.0} to USB flash drive

I have successful installed Squeeze {6.0.10} to a flash drive.
I can't seem to do the same with Jessie {8.0}.

All my installs are from purchased copies of DVD 1.
Both Squeeze and Jessie install to the hard drive without problems.

My first attempt with Jessie was using Expert mode but accepting all defaults except configuring network [none present] and setting clock to UTC. On reboot all I got was a blank screen and a flashing cursor.

On my second attempt I first installed Squeeze to the flash drive to verify that all hardware [and the operator ;] was functional. It/I was.

I then installed Squeeze to entire drive. It booted normally.
I shrank the Squeeze partition with Gparted and then attempted to install Jessie to the freed space. All appeared to go as expected.

HOWEVER, on reboot I saw the Grub screen created by the install of Squeeze.
I booted to Squeeze and ran update-grub.
On reboot there were now entries for both Squeeze and Jessie. BOTH could be started and appeared normal.

1. Is this a known problem? How would I search BTS for it?
2. How would I have the installer send all relevant log files to my hard drive?


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