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How to install Debian on 3TB drive.

Dear All,

I have 3TBx2 drives and want to install debian on them as RAID1. i know rest of the thing. i have been creating software raid on less then 2TB drives for years but now since HD size is growing as per the market trend i need to go with it.

Both drives are detected in the manual partition menu of Debian Jessi setup process. when i try to create bigger partition it give me error like this
 partition length of sectors  xxxxxxxx exceeds the msdos-partition-table-imposed maximum of xxxxxxx

i know this is happening because of MBR limitation. therefore i need your help.

can you guys please guide me how can i create bigger partition while installing Debian. 
Easiest way would be i install smaller drive and create bigger partition with gdisk . but i do not want this i only have 3TB drives and want to install Debian on top of it and also want to make Debian to boot from the drives. i know the RAID part but missing part is How to create GPT partition during installation.

Any help would be highly appreciated.


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