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Re: Install MSWindz 7 as Virtual Machine on Debian 8

On Nov 9, 2015, at 6:56 PM, Patrick Bartek <nemommxiv@gmail.com> wrote:

> On Mon, 09 Nov 2015, D&P Dimov wrote:
>> I need to install MS Windows 7 as a Virtual Machine on a computer
>> that is running Debian 8. To do that, I'd like to use software that
>> is not proprietory (I know, I know - this may sounds a bit
>> ridiculous...). This Debian page:
>> https://wiki.debian.org/SystemVirtualization recommends Qemu, KVM,
>> VirtualBox, and Zen. Does anyone have recommendations for which one
>> is easiest to install for a novice? I tried the first one, Qemu, but
>> didn't really find a good guide how to install MS Win 7 with
>> it.Thanks!

Yet another vote for VirtualBox. I don't do Windows, but it's been great running Ubuntu all summer and fall for an online CS course I'm taking. 

> VB is the easiest to install and administer, and they have GREAT
> step-by-step documentation.  Plus there are versions for Windows and
> OSX.
> PS. The BEST VM is VMWare, if it matters.

I've got two virtual machines set up -- VirtualBox on a 32 bit laptop and both of them on a 64 bit space heater. I haven't noticed much difference, but I've also heard VMWare is better. I haven't heard why, though. And it's big bucks. More than Windows, IIRC.

They're a little different, but they do pretty much the same things, even in pretty much the same ways, it looks like. VirtualBox was easier to get going and it does better with displays (it adjusts better to the size of the monitor: no big black bars on the sides of a wide screen). VB's prettier, too.

VMWare isn't free as in anything. VirtualBox used to be before Oracle bought Sun (it still doesn't cost anything; at least some of the source is available; and it's in my Debian repo (Wheezy), so maybe I'm wrong about VB -- but it does say "Oracle" all over it). 

If you're about to put Windows on the machine, though, software freedom's probably not a major concern for this project :-) 

Glenn English

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