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Re: Install MSWindz 7 as Virtual Machine on Debian 8

On Mon, 09 Nov 2015, D&P Dimov wrote:

> I need to install MS Windows 7 as a Virtual Machine on a computer
> that is running Debian 8. To do that, I'd like to use software that
> is not proprietory (I know, I know - this may sounds a bit
> ridiculous...). This Debian page:
> https://wiki.debian.org/SystemVirtualization recommends Qemu, KVM,
> VirtualBox, and Zen. Does anyone have recommendations for which one
> is easiest to install for a novice? I tried the first one, Qemu, but
> didn't really find a good guide how to install MS Win 7 with
> it.Thanks!

Over the years on various Linux distros, I've tried qemu, kvm,
and VirtualBox.  Never messed with Xen.  I consider it
for servers running virtual servers.  For your traditional desktop,
VirtualBox is my recommendation.

I've run Windows 2000 and XP (licensed copies) both on various
versions Fedora and now on Wheezy with shared folders for transfering 
files among them.

VB is the easiest to install and administer, and they have GREAT
step-by-step documentation.  Plus there are versions for Windows and

PS. The BEST VM is VMWare, if it matters.


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