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Re: How to make "headless" system?

On Mon, Nov 9, 2015, at 01:06 PM, Matt Ventura wrote:
> On 11/07/2015 12:36 PM, Dennis Wicks wrote:
> > Greetings;
> >
> > I have a number of older PCs that I use for testing/local webservers, 
> > fileservers, backup machines and other stuff. A couple of these have 
> > "glass ttys", ie. no graphics at all, and others have old low-res 
> > monitors of 800x600 at best. Also, they are all in the basement, which 
> > is a trip I don't like to make very often!
> >
> > I want to force these systems to support hi-res 1680x1050 or better so 
> > I can VNC to them from my main machine and be able to use graphic 
> > software to operate and maintain these machines.
> >
> > Right now I mostly use ssh and it can be a real pain!
> >
> > Can anybody tell me how to accomplish this or point me to a "How To" 
> > somewhere?
> >
> > I am running Jessie and XFCE.
> >
> > Many TIA!!
> > Dennis
> >
> If you absolutely must have a full X running on the machines, you can 
> use xvfb to create a "fake" X that doesn't actually display anywhere, 
> and use VNC to access it. There's also xvnc which is specifically for 
> use over VNC.

A bit off topic but I thought it might be worthwhile to consider this:
Consolidate your OSes running on those old PCs into a virtual
environment. You can have local desktop window for them or run them
headless and remotely connect via console or VNC. This will also help
reduce your monthly electricity bill.


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