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Re: An UML editor for Linux

On 08.11.2015 23:58, Sven Arvidsson wrote:
On Sun, 2015-11-08 at 23:23 +0300, Piyavkin wrote:
— could you please recommend me some decent UML editor for Linux?

Yes, I can see in repositories some, — like dia, umlet, gaphor… — but
which is decent?
I would probably draw them with Inkscape, but that's mostly because I'm
familiar with it, it's not specifically for UML.

You might also want to look at http://blockdiag.com/ (the building
blocks for that is in the archives in the package python-blockdiag)

I'm fine with Inkscape. It's very good tool. But it would be really annoying to draw every time everything from scratch. Or there is some set of UML primitives for Inkscape, plugin or something? And then changes in diagrams (especially massive, especially regular) will be painful, I guess.


Thanks. It looks nice and promising.
Though it seems that it is not cover all UML notations from the box, and some tailoring will be needed (if possible). It is not clear how to install it. Is it some kind of interactive on-line constructor?

Thanks for sharing it anyway.


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