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RE: SDXC, exFAT and all that stuff...

I've been using SDXC cards successfully for a number of years but never with the proprietary exfat filesystem. I immediately reformat a new SDXC card, either with ext4 (if it's to be used on a Linux machine) or ntfs (if it's to be used on a Window machine). Then the SDXC card is just another storage device as far as the o/s is concerned. For example, my old 701-line Asus eee pc has only 4 GB on its SSD but is perfectly well able to run Windows 7 in a virtual machine on Debian installed on a 128 GB SDXC card.

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Subject: SDXC, exFAT and all that stuff...

	Hi, I try to use a SDXC card exFAT formatted (the "standard"
now" on a jessie laptop, using KDE So I installed exfat-utils and exfat-fuse, and tried.

First thing, KDE tells me it cannot mount the card. I see that
/dev/mmcblk0p1 (device was given to me by /var/log/syslog) is correctly
brw-rw---- root disk

As root I can mount through mount.exfat, but not as user.

I wrote some files on it, but the unmount (fusermount -u) failed, I did not get the prompt back, and after interrupting there was nothing on the card.

Did someone have success with this kind of card ?

Thanks you.

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