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Re: can I access SD card in cell phone?

I guess blogspot.com allows users to express freely
that's what Chinese government fear most

As to your ftp-like method, I'll say any solution must be simple
otherwise I will install kies and access it in XP
(ftp-like method doesn't seem simple enough)

I will try MTP suggested by other users.

Thanks again!!

On Fri, 9/25/15, ken <gebser@mousecar.com> wrote:

 Subject: Re: can I access SD card in cell phone?
 To: "Li Wei" <rootof3@yahoo.com>
 Date: Friday, September 25, 2015, 8:43 PM
 Here's the text of
 that page:
 There are a few
 ways to share files over wifi between your Linux machine 
 and your Android device. The first method I
 used was to set up a web 
 server on my
 CentOS box and then browse to it on the Android. This 
 wasn't an ideal solution for a number of
 reasons, one being that the 
 transfer worked
 in only one direction (from the web server to the 
 Android) and the second being it was a solution
 too complicated for most 
 Android users.
 The second solution was much
 better, an app (free) at play.google.com 
 called Software Data Cable. It's
 essentially an ftp server that runs on 
 Android (version 2.1 and above— it was nice
 of the developers to 
 backport it). Once
 installed, you simply start it running and then you 
 can transfer files back and forth between your
 Android and Linux over 
 wifi. Software Data
 Cable allows you to configure a password to access 
 the server. Still I still don't leave it
 running all the time due to 
 concerns. It's simple enough just to fire it up when
 On the Linux side,
 open up two nautilus windows, one being Panel -> 
 Places -> Network Places -> your
 Android's IP address, the other being 
 your Home directory or Desktop or whatever.
 Then you can transfer files 
 back and forth
 just by dragging and dropping them from one window into 
 the other— in either direction. I've also
 found Software Data Cable to 
 be the easiest
 way to rename files on Android: Right-click on the 
 filename, select Rename, and type in the new
 name. If, in this process, 
 Android gets
 confused about the contents of a local directory, on 
 Android exit that directory to its parent, then
 go back into it. This 
 seems to force a
 reread of the directory contents, bringing the cosmos 
 back to sanity.
 It would be nice to be able to use Software
 Data Cable to set up a file 
 server for a
 group of people. In a sense, it already does this except,
 with no limits on who could download what,
 people can access files 
 and/or directories
 everywhere, including your confidential information. 
 A proper ftp server would institute limits on
 which users could access 
 which files and
 directories. Perhaps we'll see this further development
 in future.
 On 09/25/2015 03:48 PM, Li
 Wei wrote:
 > Thanks!
 but I'm in China and linuxmanagers.blogspot.com seems
 > On Fri, 9/25/15, ken <gebser@mousecar.com>
 >   Subject: Re: can I access SD
 card in cell phone?
 >   To:
 "Li Wei" <rootof3@yahoo.com>,
 >   Date: Friday, September 25,
 2015, 1:28 PM
 >   A couple years ago I wrote
 >   an easy-to-read, easy
 way to do this with
 >   no
 cables necessary:
 >   http://linuxmanagers.blogspot.com/

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