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Re: debian8 & graphics

Rick McDaniel composed on 2015-09-22 08:53 (UTC-0700):

> I loved Debian 8. I tried to install it on several Desktops & laptops. I
> gave up on the laptops & 2 of the desktops because i could not get the
> graphics 2 work.Spent days & read everything i could & followed directions
> to the letter & know what? I gave up.Hate to admit it. Yeah,they were old
> machines,but so what?

How old is "old"? I have Jessie with TDE running just fine on a Dell
originally shipped 2004-02-16.

Exactly which gfxchips are in those machines? Sometimes when support for old
hardware goes away, it's the fault of upstream, not any distro. All my old
hardware works with FOSS drivers.

Which DE were you trying to use?
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