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Re: Deleting i386 packages

On Mon, Sep 21, 2015 at 09:18:01PM -0600, Joe Pfeiffer wrote:
> For historical reasons, my x86-64 architecture computers have a large
> number of i386 packages on them that I'd just as soon be rid of.  is
> there a good way to simply tell a package manager that I want everything
> involving that architecture deleted?  The best answer I've found on my
> own has been to use dpkg and grep to find everything with :i386, and
> then construct a huge dpkg --purge command to get rid of them all.
> Hoping for something a little simpler...

# aptitude --purge-unused markauto "~ri386"

This should only remove packages that are not needed anymore,
assuming that nobody messed up the auto markings of your installed

At the yes/no prompt, you might want to check the list of packages to be
You could also run a first pass without "--purge-unused", check if you are
happy with the results, then do a second pass with this option included.


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